Facial Therapies

BOTANICAL FACIAL: 30 minutes: $45 / 60 minutes: $70 Purifying exfoliation with a gentle herbal mask that tones and replenishing the skin--includes a moisturizing massage of neck and shoulders, hands and/or feet.

SMOOTH FUSION FACIAL: $70 A facial service that fuses the inner and outer beauty of the face; by beginning with the ORAL HYGIENE MAINTENANCE service then total relaxation with the BOTANICAL FACIAL.

Using a patented Intense pulsed light (IPL) and Radio frequency (RF) handpiece, Smooth’s laser technicians can: Balance skin tones – eliminating or vastly reducing unwanted spots and colorations – reduction in sun damage; Induce collagen production resulting in elimination or reduction of fine wrinkles, and reduction in pore size; Reduction in minor scaring.  Some clients see a reduction in facial hair.  Clients should be prepared for a total of five treatments spaced three weeks apart. The effects of the treatment are exponential in that greater results are seen as the process nears completion. Clients can expect no downtime following the service.

While a similar treatment to the Photofacial, the Sublative treatment has all of the benefits but even better results. The patented single-use laser tip focuses to deeply enrich collagen production and decrease uneven skin tones.

Techniques that improve your oral hygiene home care.
Therapy time: 15 minutes

Flossing and brushing performed by a professional. Therapy time: 15 minutes